There’s Dried Peanut Butter on My Laptop

My husband’s a computer guy. The cute kind. We’ve only recently purchased some decent computers though. (He’s also “the cheap kind”) Christmas two years ago was our first step. He wrapped up an actual apple for me – a Pink Lady, I believe – and had a laugh while I looked on in confusion (and, truth be told, disgust – you don’t leave a piece of fruit under the Christmas tree for me. You just don’t). He then pulled out the MacBook Pro from behind him. Viola! It was really sweet. Both the apple and the laptop.

Naturally, the kids were all over it.

I stood my ground for awhile. I told them it was MY laptop for my OWN personal use and that there was absolutely NO need for them to be on it.



Yep. They are now on it more than I am. I really am so spineless. And I wish I could tell you that they are on it for school purposes, but we all know that’s a lie. They play Minecraft on it. But in their defense, my laptop is the fastest computer in the house. Ok, that sounded bad even to me.

I can’t go anywhere near this discussion with the Hubs. He just gives me a look. You know the look – “I told you to hold your ground. HOLD YOUR GROUND!” … cue the Braveheart soundtrack and Mel Gibson screaming “HOOOOLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDD”.

And I know I need to say no. I need to set up these boundaries! I need to reclaim what’s mine!! But let’s face it, sometimes it’s easier to cave.

Oh, I know, I know!! You’re alllllllll out there saying how the WORST thing you can do is cave. That it’s basically the equivalent to saying it’s ok to be a serial killer. But, seriously, you really NEVER cave? Ever?! Come on. We all know you cave.

How do I not beat myself up about this?

Oh? You wanted an answer to that? Um … the answer is I don’t. I mean, I try – with copious amounts of chocolate and wine, but that just equates to more extensive beating up … and then therapeutic texting with my friends, who have had to talk me off the ledge so many times that I’m not sure why they’re still friends with me.

I try to remind myself I’m good about other things. Those things, of course, are elusive to me at the moment, but I’m sure there are some. Probably.

So anyway, there’s dried peanut butter on my laptop and the screen is smeared with boogies and there are crumbs in ALL of the keys and I am reminded that I should really say no today.

But we all know what’s gonna happen.



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