Disclaimer: I need to stop giving disclaimers (and I should probably stop bitching)

Just recently someone told me I needed to stop voicing disclaimers for every thing I say and every feeling I feel.


Am I doing that?

She said yes … and proceeded to prove it to me.

Here are some examples of my disclaimer problem:

My kids are driving me insane!!  I mean I truly love them and everything, don’t get me wrong. They are honestly angels. Pure gifts from God 🙂

Hubby is so annoying when he tries to figure out all the answers for me and then shares them with me in a condescending tone. Grrrrrr!  But seriously, he is the greatest guy ever. I love him soooooo much!

Anybody see Glee this week? I mean, I only watch it occasionally.

I am so fat. What I mean is – I know I’m not REALLY fat, I just feel fat. (Although, I’m pretty sure I’m fat. Am I fat?)

This kind of goes along with the now trending “you should always be eternally grateful for your life along with everything and everyone in it (and how dare you voice otherwise!)”.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot to be thankful for (apparently not “disclaiming” things is incredibly difficult for me – I can’t even avoid doing it in this post … I’m pretty sure if you hear me say “and don’t get me wrong” or “but seriously” you’re about to hear a disclaimer), but sometimes I just want to BITCH. Is that ok?? Do I have your permission??? Jeez!! (seriously, though, you’re the best! :))

So this is how I bitch now … to cover my bases …

This house is so small it’s driving me insane!! There’s no room for anything. But seriously, I am so grateful we even have a house … and stuff to put in it … and heat. I’m really glad for heat.

I swear to GOD, if these kids don’t start putting their clothes in the dirty laundry bin … but seriously, I am so grateful we have clothes … and kids … who aren’t sick … or dying. (insert shame spiral here)

Wow. It must be nice to be a size 4. I hate you. But seriously, I’m so grateful you’re my friend. Cause some people don’t have friends. And you’re a really good one. And I’m glad I’m not alone. Or lost. Or lost AND alone … in the woods … or in Zimbabwe. Thank goodness for that.

Why must every food in the grocery store contain chemicals?? And if it doesn’t, it typically tastes like shit!! But seriously, I am so grateful we have food … and can eat … and have taste buds that work?

When did bitching go out of style? I think we need to bring bitching back (and, more importantly, when will JT write a song about this?). Hardcore bitching – without disclaimers. I think it’s more real. More honest. Let’s start a rebellion!!!

But seriously, we should really stop bitching.



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