The Evolution of a Pinterest Project (or How to Ruin The Little Self Esteem You Have Left)

I mean, I’m just assuming this is the evolution of a Pinterest project … because I would NEVER …

Ok, FINE!!  We all know whose “evolution” this is.  Grrrrrr …

Here we go …

1. Stare obsessively at Pinterest for 6 weeks straight.

2. Now stare at it for another 6 weeks … (that black hole is a BITCH)

3. While wasting your life away for 12 weeks, pin scads of things that you know you will NEVER do.

4. SUDDENLY! get a wild hair up your ass (sorry for the overuse of this phrase, I just happen to love it) about one of these pins and decide it WILL be done. You are a perfectly capable human being that can accomplish things!

5. Decide it will be the answer to all of your prayers and make you look like you have your shit together. (p.s. you don’t … and what delusional rock are you living under?)

6. Gather everything you need from around the house which will require creating a massive mess that you will “get to later”. Slamming a closet door closed as quickly as you can so nothing falls out is a perfectly acceptable clean up method.

7. Spend 8 hours making something a 2 year old could make in 15 minutes.

8. Go to Urgent Care for your hot glue gun wounds.

9. Finish project … half ass.

10. Hang and display for all of your friends.

11. Pretend to not see your friends laughing at you. (There’s no WAY they’re gonna fall for your “I have my shit together” act … they know you better than anyone … plus, more importantly, they’ve all done the exact same idiotic thing)

12. Use said Pinterest project for it’s intended purpose for a week … if you’re lucky.

13. Discontinue use because it requires an extra step in your day and you have no time management skills and, therefore, no time.

14. Growl at now falling apart project every time you walk by it (turns out doing a project “half ass” only allows it to stay together for about 15 minutes) and recognize that you are, in fact, NOT a perfectly capable human being that can accomplish things.

15. Stare at Pinterest for 6 weeks straight …

pinterest menu


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