My 5 Mothers … Katie

Katie is my younger sister and she is phenomenal.  She, unfortunately, cannot always see this (like most women in this world).  So I’m going to take this time to explain to you why she is so phenomenal and maybe for the couple minutes it takes her to read this, she may actually believe it.

Let me start out by saying that I did not ALWAYS think she was awesome.  In fact, when we were little, she annoyed the shit out of me … often.  But that’s what siblings do (as I frequently tell my children). One of the things that annoyed me the most about my darling sister was how beautiful she was (how do you like THAT for having issues!).  Everyone RAVED about Katie’s big, gorgeous blue eyes, while my brown as shit eyes got no attention. WTH!!  But seriously, she was a stunning child …  and to this day, she is still strikingly beautiful.

She was an AMAZING soccer player during high school and college and I know my parents were forever proud of her accomplishments on the field.  She was definitely the most athletic out of the three of us.  She was short and adorable and stole all my clothes.  LOL – she asked me recently if I would EVER forgive her for that.  Maybe someday, Katie.  Maybe.

She went through some rough times.  Hell, we all did.  But she was the youngest when our mom died and I think she got the raw end of the deal … she got her for the least amount of time.

When she gave birth to her oldest, he was 11 weeks early.  Katie will forever be the “baby” in our family (even though we now have two younger siblings) and I think we will always feel very protective of her, so we all flew out to be with her during this frightening time.  For three months she sat with that baby in the hospital while the monitors beeped and screamed.  When I went to visit again (when he was about a month old), I would have a massive anxiety attack every time the monitors would go off – basically indicating that he had stopped breathing.  She calmed me down and told me that I’d get used to it.  She was a pillar of strength.  She truly was.  And I often wonder how she survived those horrific days.  I don’t think she will ever realize how strong she was during that time.

Her son is thriving, adorable, and has easily the most infectious laugh I have ever heard.  And she went on to have a little girl as well who is easily as beautiful as Katie and reminds us of a girly Curious George.

Along with her emotional strength is her actual physical strength.  She is disciplined beyond belief.  She has competed in body building competitions and has found a way, despite our horrific genes, to sculpt an amazing body.  She has helped me lose weight and exercise more, but without being a Jillian Michaels and screaming in my face.  She is always sensitive to me and encourages me in just the right ways.

Oh, and she gets it when I eat a bowl of Lucky Charms.  She really gets it.

Katie said possibly one of the most comforting, thoughtful things to me in relation to our mother’s death … one of those things that sits with you and makes you think and soothes you which, I’ll be honest,  is not always easy to do when it comes to death.  I had just had my daughter and I was, frankly, devastated that my mother would never know her.  I was talking about this to Katie and she said …

“But she WILL know her.  Because she left pieces of herself in all of us.  There are many ways you are like Mom.  Mannerisms, attitudes, whatever.  So she will know the feel of Mom.  She will know her.”

I love you, Katie.  Happy Mother’s Day.

katie 2


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  1. Awww, that is so sweet, “But she WILL know her.” I lost my mom when Jaysin was 2 and Timothy was only 3 months old. I missed her.


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