My 5 Mothers … Theresa

Hmmmm, condensing this puppy (pun intended!) down to 500 words or less ain’t gonna be easy, but I’ll give it my best shot!

When I first met Theresa she was young – like 20’s young – and I was old – like 30’s old … except I acted like I was 50’s old.  She was fun and loud and I pretty much acted like an old lady – minus the knitting and the menthol.  I was kind of a wallflower in the neighborhood and sort of kept to myself.

We first really started to talk when she was about 1 day away from delivering her youngest son.  She was walking around the neighborhood looking adorably pregnant and we started chatting and I realized how much I liked her.  But I would say we got really close when I invited her to a psychic reading at a tea room about an hour from our homes.  YEP!  I said PSYCHIC reading.  Strangely (or not so strangely), she accepted.  We had lots of time to talk in the car and I just knew.  It isn’t everyday that you talk to someone and feel like they are pretty close to being almost the exact same version of yourself.  Only she’s 10 times prettier and a whole hell of a lot skinnier.  By the way, the psychic told her that her husband was going to die young.  And as she fell into his arms when she got home, trying to hold back her tears, I figured I was fucked.  Budding friendship over.  Good job!  You’ve ruined someone’s life. Surprisingly, though, she still wanted to hang out with me.

I never could quite figure it out.  She was fun and young and beautiful and full of spunk and I felt like I had washed up years ago.  Actually, I don’t think I ever “washed up”  because I don’t think I was ever out to sea.

I’ve had an evolution over the years, and a HUGE part of that is due to Theresa.  She taught me to have fun.  She helped me toss out the old mommy jeans and put on something sexy.  She taught me how to start living life.  I was stuck in this house with 3 small kids and I had a hard time seeing beyond that.

We went to midnight showings of Twilight movies and traveled to Florida together and told each other all of our secrets in a Perkins restaurant in Fort Meyers.  We have drank a lot and laughed a whole lot more.  We’ve broken wine glasses in copper tubs and tried to coax a ghost out of hiding.  We have found traditions between the two of us and also traditions between our families.  See, she likes all that corny family stuff like I do … like baking Christmas cookies with the kids and writing down what we are thankful for at Thanksgiving.

But saying she is young and fun makes her sound one dimensional – and one dimensional she most certainly is not.  She’s also an old lady just like me.  She likes to wear sweatpants all day, watch cheesy Lifetime movies and read smutty romance novels.

On top of all of this, she has always made me feel like I am funny.  I think I really started to realize that I might have some sort of ability to make people laugh from my interactions with her.  And maybe she was just being nice, but every one of her LMFAO’s was a push toward writing this blog and starting this adventure.  I honestly can’t thank her enough for that.

Her life – like everyone’s – could have gone many different ways.  And I frequently think about the hard work she put in to make sure that it took the direction SHE wanted and I hope that she always remembers to be proud of herself for that.  Because it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t simple, but she did it anyway.

Of course we’ve been there for each other through really difficult times … both real and imaginary 🙂  There’s no way to put into words the depth of our friendship.  I will say this – when you start off 90% of your conversations with, “Look, I know I’m going to hell for saying this, but …” or “I can only say this to you …” you know you’ve found a soul mate.

Love you, Me.  Happy Mother’s Day!  P.S. Anyone that thinks 2 dogs is crazy is, in fact, crazy themselves … and dumb … and eats small baby llamas for lunch.



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