You Didn’t Think There Were Just 5, Did You?

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing women in my life!!  Here are a few more …

To my Aunt TM – who has always made me feel special and loved and took the time and energy to be there for me not only when my mom passed away, but when I started having children and became officially insane.

To my dear friend Peggy – who I respect and admire so much, who is one of the BEST, most dedicated mothers I know and who makes me laugh and smile … and who has given my son a wonderful best friend.

To my cousin Christine – who, for awhile, was the only person I really knew in the area and really helped me get acclimated … and answered all my crazy mommy questions … having 5 kids makes her the authority 🙂

To my mother-in-law – who gave me the greatest gift ever … a gift card to a spa.  No, I’m just kidding … the Hubs, of course.  She has helped us in countless ways, as well, and loves our kids like crazy.

To my grandmother – who taught me that, as a woman, I could be and do whatever I wanted and who has shown me what it is to live your life fully.

To my sister-in-law, Sheila – who gave me the most adorable niece and nephew (tied, of course, with Katie’s) and has always been so sweet and kind in the midst of this crazy family.

Love you ladies more than you know!!



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  1. Christine Cunnnigham

    Thanks, Carrie! Happy Mother’s Day to you too! Having 5 kids doesn’t make me an authority; it just makes me a whole ‘nother level of Love you lots! Let’s have lunch soon. Love, C Went back and read a bunch of your blogs…sorry I didn’t get to them sooner. They are fantastic! You crack me up, as always. You have a gift…keep writing. xo


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