I Have So Much In Common With Brooke!

So in doing research for my OMB definition quest, I fumbled upon Brooke Burke’s website. I kind of, sort of know who she is. I think she has, like, 10 kids and maybe is on Dancing with the Stars or something. I don’t know. Anyway, in my last post I spoke about how she has an OMB section on her site, which stands for Oh My Bod. I didn’t even bother to click on the link because, well, I need to keep my self esteem in tact and that’s a full time job, people. But I did see this tweet she put out …

brooke burke

“Too much food, too many drinks. Finally winding down.”

I know exactly how she feels!!! O … M … G!!! I frequently look absolutely hideous ADORABLE when I’ve had too much food and too many drinks. I curl up on my little bench by the pool (I don’t have a pool … or a bench), throw on my husband’s skin tight way oversized sweatshirt and ask someone to take a quick photo of me while I giggle at my gut hanging out deliciousness. I then say the obligatory “I look ridiculous!” (with a huge smile on my face) as millions of people retweet my photo and tell me how gorgeous I am.


Brooke and I are kindred spirits. I can just tell.

And to top it off, she’s a writer like me!!! Have you seen her book??

The Naked Mom

HOLY CRAP!! I’m writing something soooo similar!!

Sleazy Lane

Host of … nothing!

fully clothed mom

The Fully Clothed Mom

An Outdated Mom’s Scary Secrets,

Horrible Advice and Superficial Judgements

Look, I don’t want to compete with her or anything, but I’m pretty sure my book is gonna FLY off the shelves.

But, seriously, Brooke … GOOD LUCK!!! We’ll still be besties, right?


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  1. Things we need to discuss:

    1. Her ex-husband is a famous plastic surgeon responsible for her rack and various other “adjustments”..

    2. She has the personality of your common kitchen spatula.

    3. She named her kids Siena, Neriah, Rain, and something else ridiculous.

    4. She held off on marrying her new husband (and former Baywatch star turned French 40 year old pop star) so she could still get money from the ex.

    So there’s that to factor.

    Love to you,

    • I looooooooooooooooove this inside scoop!!! It has officially made my day – like all your loveandknuckles posts πŸ™‚ I usually require my friends to at least have the personality of a frying pan, so I guess Brooke and I won’t make it as besties 😦

  2. I feel compelled to purchase this book. The Naked Mom? Giving Soulful Advice? And it’s Brooke Burke…make me stop. Make me stop. I was going to buy Brandi Glanville’s book, too. Handcuff me and keep me away from Amazon.com.


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