She Laughs …

There once was an old, old lady … she was only in her 40’s 😉 … who decided to live even though she was very, very sick. She strapped on her shoes and walked out the door every day. Yes, I could tell you how she went to the hospital and I could tell you how she had innumerable treatments that ripped through her body and I could tell you how she forced herself to walk up and down a neighborhood street when it must have been excruciatingly painful. But I am going to tell you a story about how she lived. Because this is a happy story … and happy stories deserve their place just as much as sad ones do.

See, she was always fun. Always a little mischievous. And always good with kids. She always had a camera out and she always made sure to document her friends in the most embarrassing and compromising situations as possible. Her friends, to this day, are curious as to where all those photos are!

When she got sick, though, we wondered. We wondered how our friend would cope. We wondered about her soul and the toll it would take on both it and her heart. And we wondered. And we worried.

But this was not a woman to be trifled with. And while she is quiet and dignified in her illness, she has refused to stop being fun … in fact, she has refused to let ANYONE stop being fun.

She jumps in basins full of water, she passes out shots at parties, she winks at you from across the room, so that you wonder what she’s up to now, and she celebrates everything … everything that deserves celebrating … which is anything really.

And she plans a trip every year for a group of friends to get together and live. Really live. And it’s not easy – as people’s schedules get busier and busier and as kids get older and as time flies by.

So yes, this is a story about how she lives. But it is also a story about how she has helped everyone else live. Because we could sit in our houses and we could drink our coffee and we could muddle through the days … cursing laundry and bills and traffic. But we take a weekend every year to really truly live. To have fun. To celebrate the most important things in our lives … our families, our kids, our friends.

She might argue that she is not the catalyst for this or she might argue that this could happen without her. But we beg to differ. Her living has taught us to live. Her living has taught us the importance of it … and there is nothing more important.

People die everyday. It is sad, but the truth. How many people can you say really embrace and live every day? Don’t you find those are the people you most want to live like? And when you do live your day to the fullest, or your weekend, aren’t you happier for it? There is a certain jealousy or envy of this group of individuals, this group of neighbors, this group of friends, that I am lucky to be a part of. And there is a reason for that. We are living. And that old, old lady I was telling you about? She has a little something to do with it.

I love this quote because I so desperately want it to be me … but, in fact, it is this woman, who is proudly celebrating a huge success in this battle … and so, I continue to strive toward this quote or, more importantly, strive to be more like her.



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