There’s A New Sheriff In Town

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that we’re on day “I’m gonna lose my shit” of snow days here or if it’s the actual 14 inches of snow itself that is making me numb and unable to parent, but the inmates are running the asylum over here.

The other night, in an act of pure desperation, the Hubs loudly proclaimed, “There’s a new sheriff in town!!” in total and complete seriousness and started doling out chores like Cinderella’s evil stepmother.  I knew better than to laugh out loud, but I did mutter “did you really just say that?” and, unfortunately, was overheard … and then given my list of chores.

Apparently my “sheriffing” has been pretty horrendous lately.  (I walk around all day broadcasting in a threatening tone, “I’m on the VERGE, people!!!” and then go hide under my covers)  I admit it.  I feel a total loss of control over here.  I’ve lost all sense of day and time anymore.  The Hubs asked last night if the current day was Thursday and I looked at him blankly and said I had no idea.

We’re in Groundhog Day territory over here and, while I loved that movie, it’s a real bitch living it.  I, on a good day, tend to have an “oh fuck it” attitude anyway.  Yolo and all that other crap.  And being cooped up for days on end makes me even more so.


The Hubs?  Thank god for him.  He’s the disciplined one.  While I’m creative and messy and lazy, he’s driven and in control.  This place would run like a well oiled machine if it wasn’t for my laissez faire attitude which I know makes him have to hide his gritted his teeth and deep sighs.

I like to think I bring the spontaneity to our relationship and he brings the structure.  I’m not sure HE sees it that way, but what can he do, he’s stuck with me.


(I sent this to him the other day and he “LOL’d” it … I’m not sure what that says about us, but I love the fact that he finds me funny)

Did this turn into a Valentine’s Day post?  IS today Valentine’s day?

Well, what the hell … might as well take advantage of this public forum to announce my undying love.  Actually, it’s more like my undying appreciation.  It ain’t easy being married to me.


Honey, thanks for putting up with my various television show neuroses (the good, the bad and the ugly), taking my glasses off when I fall asleep, calmly taking the kids to the Y when you can see I’m on the verge of a nervous breakdown, putting up with the toothpaste remnants I leave in the sink, sweetly tolerating my completely random dramatic outbursts that almost always contain the phrases “everyone hates me” or “I’m a terrible writer!”, accepting that our bedroom will never EVER be straightened up, my piles and piles and PILES of books, my top 40 tween music obsessions, and my terrible eating habits.

To my husband … the square to my circle.  I love you.

square and circle

(This was on my mirror this morning … he’s gonna kill me for this.)


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