I am a 38 year old stay at home mom who is also a part time pretend therapist to my friends and family.  I have always wanted to write.  Ever since I won an award in high school, I have thought I might actually be good at it … or at least ok.  Three kids and a lifetime later, I have finally decided to give it a shot.

My Characters:

The Hubby: a kind, sweet, athletic computer guy who is WAY better at housekeeping than I am.

Munch: my oldest.  12 year old daughter on the brink of womanhood … ahhhhhhhh!

AD: my middle.  10 year old boy who is completely uninterested in personal space.

Guy: my youngest.  7 year old boy who keeps us on our toes while laughing (and occasionally screaming) – a true character.

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  1. My sister, Susan Evans, just sent your “writings” to me and I love it!!! Imaginative, creative, soooo much fun! I’m glad you like DQ as much as your mother did! She would be so proud of you. Wish I could meet your family but instead, I will enjoy you through your blogs. I’m so impressed with your talent, Carrie. I see a money-making opportunity in your future.
    Betsy Corrie

    • Aunt Betsy!!! Thanks so much for your comment 🙂 It’s so nice to know people are reading my stuff … not just my husband!! I hope you and the family are well!! And, yes, apparently my mother passed on the DQ gene. Although she loved the Peanut Buster Parfait, whereas, I’m partial to the Peanut Butter Bash. Eh, close enough 🙂


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